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Pairing Cheese & Wine

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The methods of pairing different foods and wine can go back several centuries. Our select pairings are not only delicious but also a great way to expand your palate.


Most of the popular pairings of wine and cheese were traditionally grown in close proximity to one another. Many of these regional pairings were the base for the newer pairs that are seen today. French and Italian wines have consistently been referred back to as the standard of wine pairings due to their influence on the wine in other countries as well. French researchers found that the consumption of cheese while drinking wine enhances the overall experience of the wine itself.

Key Notes

There are several categories that cheese can be labeled under such as: semi-soft, hard, fresh, bloomy, washed rind, and blue. These categories can help with pairing as most of the categories share similar flavor profiles. Hard cheeses are known to be more easily paired as they go very well with bold red wines. Fresh cheese however is better suited for crisp young bottles of white wine such as Pinot Grigio.

Our Favorites

Prosecco & Parmesan

The bubbles within this sparkling wine perfectly cut through the harsh saltiness that often comes with Parmesan.

Cabernet Sauvignon & Aged Gouda

A tannic full bodied wine is the perfect way to balance out the nutty taste of an aged gouda.

Riesling & Ricotta

Sweet ricotta is the perfect way to compliment a nice tangy riesling that can easily be enjoyed with many desserts as well.

 Pinot Grigio & Mozzarella

The acidity of this wine blends perfectly with this classic Italian favorite to make some of your favorite appetizers come to life.

Chardonnay & Gruyere

The fruity taste of chardonnay is the ideal pairing for gruyere due to its mildness.

Holiday Drink Special: Learn to make our Crème de la Crème

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In-house mixologist Alexis Morgan put together an awesome cocktail for the holidays using Blonde Rum, Bailey’s, coffee liquor, gingerbread simple syrup & cannoli cream. Check out how we make this festive drink & make it yourself using the recipe below!

Visit us until the end of December to try Alexis’s cocktail at Spuntino!


Crème de la Crème Recipe


1.5 fl oz. Papa Pilar Blonde Rum

.75 fl oz. Bailey’s

.75 fl oz. St. George Coffee Liquor

.75 fl oz. Gingerbread Simple Syrup

1 oz. Cannoli Cream

.05 oz Gingerbread Cookie Crumbs


1.  In Shaker add Papa Pilar Blonde Rum, Baily’s, St. George Liquor, Cannoli Cream, and Gingerbread Simple Syrup (Add sugar, water, vanilla extract, cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger, nutmeg into a pot & bring to boil. Let cool.)

2.  Add ice to pint

3.  Empty contents of
pint glass into cocktail shaker.

4.  Shake vigorously.

5.  Strain contents of cocktail shaker into chilled Martini Glass

6.  Garnish with gingerbread cookie crumbs

Making the Perfect Pizza Dough

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Pizza has been a takeout staple for years but if you want to get creative, we’re going to show you how we make our homemade pizza dough so you can make it yourself! You just need a few basic ingredients to get the perfect slice in your own home. It just takes flour, salt, water and yeast to achieve this pizza perfection.

Mix! Mix! Mix!

Combine flour and water and mix for approximately 10 minutes. Then continue to mix while adding the yeast in for an additional 5 minutes. Finally, mix in the salt for a final 10 minutes.


The perfect pizza dough doesn’t exist without letting your dough set for at least a few hours so that the dough may rise and the yeast may develop.

Prep Your Work Station

Dough will stick to anything if you give it the chance. By prepping your work station with flour you will be making sure your pizza doesn’t destroy your counter. Be sure not to over flour your work station as it may make the dough tough.

Stretch it out!

In order to prevent more shrinking you must first press down in the center of your dough with your palm and work your way out while forming the crust. Lift up the dough and continue to stretch it with your hands.

Top it off!

Once you’re finished stretching your dough it’s time for toppings! Make sure to start with a strong sauce base and then continue to add some of your favorites.

Turn up the heat!

Not everyone can have a pizza oven in their kitchen. So be sure that your oven is hot enough to keep that crispy crust! And enjoy your homemade slice – Spuntino style!


Making our Breakfast Pizza

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Watch to see how we make our signature Breakfast Pizza from start to finish using hand-stretched dough and toppings such as cage-free sunny-side-up eggs, mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, speck, and cherry tomatoes!