Everything you need to know about tapas dining

Everything You Need to Know about Tapas Dining

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If you’ve never dined tapas style, it can be a little daunting at first, but we assure you you’re in for quite the experience! We want to take a moment to help you dissect our menu so that you can order the perfect tapas meal!

What to expect

Tapas style dining isn’t like your traditional courses IE appetizer, entrée, etc. The food you order will be continuously coming out of the kitchen as it is ready so you will be able to enjoy each dish at optimal freshness!
Since you’re ordering multiple small plates, here’s our rule of thumb if you’re unsure how much to order:

If you’re just casually snacking, we recommend 3-4 plates per person
If you’re very hungry, we recommend upwards of 5 plates each

The format of the menu

When looking at the menu, you will see that there are multiple sections to consider. Here are a couple that we want to call out.

Salumi + Formaggi – One of our favorites for sure. Here you can select your meat & cheese board, and when you pair it with the perfect wine, it’s great for picking on until your other plates arrive.

House-Made Pasta – No seriously, it’s all made in house. We highly recommend you try one of these delicious and fresh selections.

Piattoni – Unlike the rest of the menu, which are all small plates, our Piattoni are large plates prepared to order. These are the perfect items to order for the table to share.

Choosing a wine

When choosing the perfect wine to pair with your meal, there are many factors to consider:
• Name of the wine
• Grape variety and type of wine
• Color
• Vintage
• Region of Italy
• Taste and nose
• Price range
• Availability by the glass or bottle only
• Food being eaten

Spuntino holds over 1,800 bottles of wine in temperature-controlled floor to ceiling wine cabinets. While that all may seem overwhelming, don’t worry, our staff is well versed on these factors and can help you make your decision so that you can pick the perfect wine to complement your meal!

5 reasons you will love spuntino

5 Reasons You Will Love Spuntino

By | Dining

Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas set out with the goal of introducing a wonderful breadth of world-class international wine that is paired with an expansive Italian, small plate menu. Check out five reasons why you’ll love Spuntino & you might find something out that you didn’t know!

1. Extensive Wine List

We offer 50 wines by the glass and over 150 wines by the bottle so there is definitely something for everyone! In addition to that, our wines are available on tap and in large format bottles, and are stored in temperature controlled floor to ceiling wine cabinets that hold over 1,800 bottles of wine.
View our Wine List for Clifton and Westbury to see when our Bin Night and Flight Night are!

2. Tapas Style

Tapas style is our favorite way to eat. The smaller size dishes make it easy to try lots of different items and experience new flavors! The plates are perfect for sharing with the whole table! For larger groups or those with a bigger appetite, the Piattoni section on our menu offers a great selection of large plates.

3. Seasonal Ingredients

Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas focuses on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Our menu changes four times a year so we can ensure that the freshest ingredients are used. We also work with local farms!
Pro Tip: Join the Grapevine to get a sneak peek at our menu every cycle!

4. Fresh Pasta

All of our pastas are house-made fresh for our guests every day! From squid ink campanelle to orecchiette, we do it all!
Click here to see how we do it!

5. Take it Home

If you love Spuntino so much, you can bring it home with you! Give the gift of Spuntino with our gift cards available for purchase online. You can even add Spuntino olive oil to make it extra special.
Did you know: you can order meats & cheeses to take home!