It doesn’t matter what time of year it is – it always is a perfect time to enjoy bubbles! But with New Years Eve around the corner we know that the bubbles will be getting poured. So what should you drink? Champagne or Prosecco? What is the difference between these two refreshing sparkling wines?


Champagne is a sparkling wine made only in the Champagne region of France (North East France). You will find flavors of citrus, white peach, white cherry, almond and toast while drinking this bubbly wine. Champagne is aged in bottles under high pressure so the bubbles are fine, persistent and sharp. Enjoy your champagne with shellfish and crispy fried appetizers.


Prosecco is another sparking wine and is produced in the Veneto region of Italy (North East Italy). Green apple, honeydew melon, pear, and honeysuckle will be the primary flavors you taste in your Prosecco. Since this sparkling wine is aged in large tanks vs the bottle, the bubbles are lighter with less persistence. Cured meats such as Prosciutto di Parma is a perfect snack when enjoying a glass of Prosecco.

You will find that Prosecco is going to be more budget friendly than Champagne, but one thing we know for sure is that you will enjoy either of these sparkling wines!

Cheers to health and happiness in the New Year!