holiday dessert cocktail pairings

If you are looking for a perfect ending to a holiday meal at Spuntino, try our Cold Brew Classic cocktail that pairs perfectly with our warm Apple Crostata. The homemade salted caramel in the drink works perfectly with the cinnamon and clove covered apples. If you are too chilly to have this Cold Brew Classic, Spuntino is able to make this cocktail with our Lavazza hot coffee!

Having a holiday party at home? Here are the two recipes to make it for your guests.

Cold Brew Classic

Makes 8 cups


16 oz Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate (You can make this at home or you can find cold brew coffee at your local supermarket)
12 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
4 oz Salted Caramel
8 oz Whole Milk
Garnish Whipped Cream


In a large pitcher add Jameson Irish Whiskey, cold brew coffee concentrate, salted caramel, and milk. Stir well to ensure that all the ingredients are blended together. Add ice to the pitcher. Pour into desired glasses and garnish with whipped cream.

Apple Crostata

Makes 4 Crostatas


4 Granny Smith Apples
4 Tbsp Butter
¼ cup Brown Sugar
¼ cup Granulated Sugar
1 Tbsp Vanilla
¼ tsp Sea salt
1 Tsp Ground Cinnamon
¼ tsp Ground Clove
¼ cup Apple Brandy
1 Sheet of Puff Pastry, cut into quarters
Egg wash
4 tsp Granulated Sugar


Salted Caramel Sauce
Vanilla Gelato


1. Peel and core the apples. Cut into quarters, then to 1/4 inch slices.
2. In a large sauté pan, melt butter until it starts to brown. Add the apple slices to the brown butter. Sauté for 2 minutes. Add the sugars, vanilla, salt, cinnamon. Cook apples for 2 minutes longer and add the brandy. Carefully, ignite the alcohol and allow it to burn off. Cook for 3 minutes more. Remove from the pan and let the apple cool completely.
3. Place the puff pastry pieces on a parchment line sheet pan. Divide the filling evenly between the four pieces of puff pastry. Curl the sides of the pastry up around the apple filling. Brush the pastry with the egg wash and sprinkle the remaining sugar on top.
4. Bake in at 375 for 10 minutes until the pastry is nicely browned.
5. Serve on a plate with salted caramel sauce drizzled on top and garnish with vanilla gelato and mint.