Taste of Piedmont

January 4 – January 20

The Piedmont region in Italy borders Switzerland and France and is true to the meaning of its name – foot of the mountains. The weather in Piedmont is ideal for growing wine and where the Nebbiolo grape thrives – producing two of the most iconic wines, Barolo and Barbaresco. To go along with the powerful and tannin-heavy wine, Piedmont is known for rich and savory food such as truffles and slow-braised beef. Piedmont food and wine are perfect for a cold winter day!


Arancini stuffed, mozzarella, tomato jam
Marketing_SP_Website_Icon_WineGlass_v03_2015_11_18 Damilano Arneis
Pale straw yellow. Delicate, enjoyable nose of fresh fruit, peach and apricot in the foreground. Dry and fresh with elegant avors and a moderate acidity. A smooth and juicy sip suitable for appetizers, fish courses and white meats.


Truffle pesto, pine nuts, shaved black truffles
Marketing_SP_Website_Icon_WineGlass_v03_2015_11_18 Falesco ‘Ferentano’ Roscetto
The nose presents a rich gamut of aromatic sensations ranging from banana to pineapple, aromas which range from the herbaceous to vanilla. The flavors are assertive, rich, soft and full with a superior, long and lingering finish.


Veal short rib, parsnip purée, Barolo reduction, sage gremolata
Marketing_SP_Website_Icon_WineGlass_v03_2015_11_18 Pico Maccario ‘Lavignone’ Barbera
Barbera d’Asti Lavignone is a bright and aromatic wine with aromas and flavors of red cherries, violets and wild herbs. Soft tannins and a moderate level of alcohol and medium weight make Lavignone an ideal wine for immediate enjoyment.

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