Famille Hugel Wine Dinner

Tuesday, September 13
7:00 PM

Famille Hugel was founded in 1639 and is still run by the family today in an unbroken line. Famille Hugel owns an estate of 30 hectares where the grapes are always hand–picked. The estates are exclusively planted with the noble Alsace grape varieties, and the vineyards have an average age of 35 years. The winery averages 110,000 cases per year, of which about 90% is exported to over 100 countries worldwide!

Cured Arctic Char

Crushed black pepper, crème fraîche, pickled fennel and pomegranate seeds
Marketing_SP_Website_Icon_WineGlass_v03_2015_11_18 Hugel Gentil 2014
Fresh and lively with an attractive bouquet of floral and fruit. Dry, generous and soft with an almost fruity, aromatic finish.

Seared Salmon Belly

Roasted vine ripe cherry tomato, fresh herbed vinaigrette
Marketing_SP_Website_Icon_WineGlass_v03_2015_11_18 Riesling 2014
Pleasantly aromatic and fruity – green apple, lemongrass, ginger and white peach. An authentic, expressive young Riesling that is fresh on the palate and elegantly structured – giving depth and persistence.

Crispy Octopus

Lacinato kale, borlotti beans, grapefruit zest
Marketing_SP_Website_Icon_WineGlass_v03_2015_11_18 Pinot Blanc 2014
Refreshing, crispy aromas with delicate, subtle fruit. Dry with just enough vivacity to make it fresh and clean on the palate.

Braised Pork Shoulder

White turnips, crispy sprout leaves, chives
Marketing_SP_Website_Icon_WineGlass_v03_2015_11_18 Pinot Noir 2012
Youthful, delicately aromatic aromas of flower and fruit – cherry, raspberry and slightly smoky woodland. Well-balanced and pleasantly dry with a touch of tannin and a fruity finish.

Cherry Crème Tartlet

Brandied cherries, orange crème, candied brittle
Marketing_SP_Website_Icon_WineGlass_v03_2015_11_18  Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive 2006
Deep, concentrated bouquet of ripe grape aromas with a touch of raisin and rose with a little spice. Well-balanced and sweet with succulent fruit.

55 per person
Not Inclusive of tax or gratuity